Industries we support

We offer a variety of traditional and forward-thinking payment solutions to help meet your business needs. Whether you're looking to accept payments in person, online, or both, there are options for you!

Quick approvals

Easy setup

Cutting-edge hardware

Accept all major cards

24/7 business support

Low processing fees

Types of companies we support

Today, customers demand a more convenient and contactless payment experience. From NFC payments to QR codes and everything in between, you can keep and gain loyal customers by expanding the options you offer. Here is a list of the different types of businesses we can support with our superior business services:

Antiques and collectibles

Clothing and clothing

Bad credit

Bus lines

Cannabis support companies

Catering companies

CBD oil and CBD products

Continuity Products and Subscription Boxes

Credit repair

Credit monitoring

Debt collection

Digital transmission

Document preparation

Fantasy sports

Firearms and ammunition

Furniture and home furnishings

Health & Beauty

Hotels and Accommodation

Insurance / Guarantee

Legal services

Magazine subscriptions

Medical Billing and Coding

Medical supplies

Membership and recurring billing

Multilevel companies

Transport and removals



Pawn shops and pawn shops


Pet products

Precious metals

Administrative property

SaaS Companies

Seminars and training

SEO / SEM / Advertising Agency

Smoking accessories

Sports bets

Tactical and survival equipment


Tobacco and cigarette

Travel and timeshare


Other medium and low risks.

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What do our solutions include?

From setting up and maintaining your merchant account to helping you combat chargebacks, we have the heavy hitters you need on your side. We'll help you set up your account, guide you through your first transaction, and learn the ins and outs of the platform.

With Sami Payments, you can rest easy knowing that your merchant account is safe and secure. We work with over 20 banks to ensure you get the right location for your business's unique needs. And with chargeback protection protocols and fraud prevention tools in your back pocket, you don't need to worry about your merchant account being closed incorrectly.

Vanguard Teams

From highly intelligent point-of-sale systems to mobile card readers, we have the hardware you need to securely process any type of payment.


24-hour technical support

If you ever have questions, please write to us. Our expert customer service specialists ensure that no question is left unanswered.


Recurring Payments

Do you want to enable automatic or recurring payments? Connect your merchant account to Quickbooks? We are here to help. With billing tools like automatic receipts and recurring billing, you can simply set it and forget it.


PCI Compliance and Fraud Protection

The payments industry is rife with fraud these days. Keep your business protected from scammers and hackers with strong protection protocols and security compliance standards.

Large-scale integrations to stay connected

Whether you want to connect a shopping cart to your website or accept payments, you can do it over the phone. Our integrations are compatible with almost any payment gateway and CRM, meaning you can connect your merchant account to the software you want or already use.

Use our payment gateway to allow buyers to checkout directly from your website, connect your accounting software to the backend, and manage everything in one place for a seamless process from start to finish. Don't let credit card processing bog you down, let it expand your business options beyond what you ever thought possible.

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SamiPayments Benefits

No need to complete a separate application

Each Merchant Account is evaluated based on your specific needs and risk factors. This way, each merchant gets a solution as unique as their business.


Process physical and electronic checks

Digital payments are not exclusively digital. With comprehensive check processing, you can accept physical checks, e-checks, and ACH payments in an instant.


Transparent prices

 and rates

Payments are complicated enough, but getting stuck in a contract can be even worse. You deserve a price that is simple and direct. That way, you can focus on what really matters.

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