Merchant Accounts for the Dropshipping Industry

Creating, launching, and managing your own dropshipping website is a way to generate income when you don't have space to store inventory. While getting into the dropshipping business is attractive, it is important to understand what success entails within the industry and how to get started. Looking into credit card processing for drop shipping is one of the most important steps you can take when getting started in the drop shipping industry.

Why having a dropshipping business is extremely beneficial

Launching your own dropshipping business is a great way to generate an additional stream of income for yourself. With a dropshipping business, there are many benefits that you don't get with a traditional business.

Frequent questions

Below are common questions specific to Credit Repair Merchant Accounts:

Does Sami Payments ensure payment processing through dropshipping?

We have the relationships necessary to support credit card processing in the drop shipping industry. It is a two-way street between our banks and our merchants that builds trust and flexibility. Sami Payments is expert in high-risk accounts due to our focus on compliance, underwriting and security. We have what your dropshipping company needs to be able to grow and scale your business through payment

Will I really improve the results of my dropshipping business with a Sami Payments Merchant Account?

Using credit card processing for drop shipping provides a variety of benefits. When using merchant services for drop shipping, you are allowed to accept credit cards of all types as payment options. This opens up your ability to make money and grow your business. Once you have applied for and received the high-risk Merchant Account you want.

Is using a high-risk payment processing service for the dropshipping industry complicated?

Using a dropshipping payment processing service is a great way to ensure that you have the ability to process card payments for your business and online store. But this comes with a struggle to meet the acquiring bank's requirements. The risk factor makes this journey more difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Instead, look for a high-risk payments provider that is used to the type of industry. Don't risk your dropshipping Merchant Account for no reason.

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Types of Merchant Accounts for the Dropshipping Industry

Sami Payments offers a full range of Merchant Accounts for dropshipping and e-commerce.

  • Retail

  • Mobile

  • Virtual terminal

  • e-Commerce

Retail payments

Dropshipping entrepreneurs and retailers have the option to select from various payment processing platforms to optimize their transactions. Whether through traditional payment gateways, wireless systems or point-of-sale solutions, our eCommerce Merchant Accounts will facilitate the quick and efficient acceptance of credit and debit card payments. Choose the modality that best suits your business model and take advantage of our solutions to guarantee a smooth shopping experience for your customers.

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Mobile payments

โ€‹If you're immersed in the world of dropshipping and looking for credit card processing options that suit your risk needs, our mobile payment solutions are designed for you. Select between credit card readers compatible with iPad or mobile phones, being fully functional on iPhone and Android devices. With our payment processing options, you'll be able to manage transactions 'on the go' efficiently, bringing flexibility and convenience to your dropshipping business.

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Virtual terminal payments

We make it easy to accept payments in the world of dropshipping, whether by phone, mail or entered directly into your laptop, thanks to our virtual terminal Merchant Accounts. Forget about the need for additional equipment. Simply log in to your virtual terminal and register the customer's credit card details simply and efficiently.

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eCommerce Payments

Are you into dropshipping and looking to sell online efficiently? Our easy-to-use payment gateways are fully compatible with most major shopping carts and integrate seamlessly. Designed specifically for dropshipping businesses with medium and high risk levels, our Merchant Accounts are optimized to boost your success in the exciting world of e-commerce.

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SamiPayments Benefits

No need to complete a separate application

Each Merchant Account is evaluated based on your specific needs and risk factors. This way, each merchant gets a solution as unique as their business.


Process physical and electronic checks

Digital payments are not exclusively digital. With comprehensive check processing, you can accept physical checks, e-checks, and ACH payments in an instant.


Transparent prices

 and rates

Payments are complicated enough, but getting stuck in a contract can be even worse. You deserve a price that is simple and direct. That way, you can focus on what really matters.

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