Merchant Account for credit repair

Credit repair is a massive $3+ billion industry, with more than 80,000 companies providing crucial services to their customers. Credit repair companies help consumers fix their bad credit situation through many means, including disputing errors made by credit bureaus on credit reports.

Unfortunately, many banks and credit card processors consider credit repair companies to be โ€œhigh riskโ€ and are unwilling to provide commercial services to them.

Sami Payments has consistently offered merchant services to credit repair companies since the founding of our company. We value the services provided by all types of companies within the industry, including companies that offer credit counseling, credit restoration, credit education and credit improvement.

Frequent questions

Below are common questions specific to Credit Repair Merchant Accounts:

Will a Sami Payments Merchant Account integrate with my existing CRM or credit repair software?

Our Sami Payments credit repair Merchant Accounts, either directly or through a payment gateway, are compatible and integrate with multiple credit repair software and CRM platforms.

Our Merchant Accounts can also integrate with most software platforms that support, NMI or USAePay payment gateways.

Can I charge the credit card for my recurring billing?

Many credit repair companies prefer to bill their clients monthly on a recurring basis. Typically, your Merchant Account will be approved for recurring billing. It is important to remember that each Merchant Account is subscribed and approved individually, therefore the approval of your company's Merchant Account may have unique terms.

What is the application and subscription process for a credit repair company?

At Sami Payments, your merchant account application for credit repair is automatically reviewed for preliminary approval in seconds. If you pass the automated checks, you receive an instant quote with a contract to review and DocuSign. Your application is then sent to an insurer for further review. The insurer examines your Merchant Account history, checks your requested monthly limit, and analyzes your website, making sure the information is consistent. The process can take 24 hours to a few days, and you are kept informed by email. Once approved, your Sami Payments account manager sets you up with the payment gateway or processing equipment based on your business needs.

What types of credit repair businesses do you accept?

       Sami Payments can only consider for approval credit repair companies that meet the following criteria:

  • Owner's credit score must be over 600;
  • The website must not sell or mention commercial lines;
  • You should not offer free trials;
  • Payment plans can be 12 months or less, but no longer

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Types of Credit Repair Merchant Accounts

Sami Payments offers a full range of Merchant Accounts for credit repairers, law firms and other businesses in the credit counseling industries.

  • Retail

  • Mobile

  • Virtual terminal

  • e-Commerce

Retail payments

Retail businesses can choose between a traditional credit card terminal, wireless or point-of-sale system. Whatever you choose, our retail Merchant Accounts will let you accept credit and debit cards faster and for less.

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Mobile payments

โ€‹Do you want โ€œon the goโ€ medium or high risk credit card processing? Our mobile payment options are for you. Choose from credit card readers for iPad or mobile phones, compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

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Virtual terminal payments

Accepting payments by phone, mail, or entered into your laptop is easy with our virtual terminal Merchant Accounts. No equipment needed. Simply log in to your virtual terminal and enter the customer's credit card.

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eCommerce Payments

Sell online? Our easy-to-use payment gateways are compatible with most major shopping carts and simply connect to them. Our medium and high risk merchant accounts are optimized for eCommerce businesses.

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SamiPayments Benefits

No need to complete a separate application

Each Merchant Account is evaluated based on your specific needs and risk factors. This way, each merchant gets a solution as unique as their business.


Process physical and electronic checks

Digital payments are not exclusively digital. With comprehensive check processing, you can accept physical checks, e-checks, and ACH payments in an instant.


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 and rates

Payments are complicated enough, but getting stuck in a contract can be even worse. You deserve a price that is simple and direct. That way, you can focus on what really matters.

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