Merchant Accounts for travel and Timeshares

The travel and timeshare industries combine to be one of the largest markets in the world, with more than $1.6 trillion in annual spending. These companies help millions of consumers see the world, engage in leisure activities, and more.

Unfortunately, many banks and credit card processors consider travel and timeshare businesses to be “high risk” and are unwilling to provide business services to them.

Sami Payments, on the other hand, has consistently offered merchant services to travel and timeshare companies since the founding of our company. We value the services provided by all types of companies within the industry, including companies that offer airfare, hotel accommodations, timeshare services, cruises, excursions and more.

Frequent questions

Below are common questions specific to travel and timeshare Merchant Accounts:

What types of travel and timeshare businesses does Sami Payments accept?

Sami Payments accepts a wide range of travel and timeshare companies based in the US and operating in the US. These include, but are not limited to, travel package sellers, tour companies, hotel and accommodation companies, airlines, timeshare issuers and timeshare brokers and publicly traded companies. It is important to remember that each Merchant Account is subscribed and approved individually, therefore the approval of your company's travel or timeshare Merchant Account may have unique terms.

Is Sami Payments compatible with my travel or timeshare company's existing shopping cart or CRM software?

Established travel or timeshare companies typically have a preferred CRM, shopping cart, or e-commerce software platform that they use, and we'll be happy to help.

Because Sami Payments works with most major payment gateways (including, USAePay, and NMI), our travel Merchant Accounts integrate with the most popular software packages used by companies in the industry.

What criteria must my travel or timeshare business meet for Sami Payments to approve a Merchant Account?

To be approved, travel and timeshare businesses must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have an ARC voucher if you sell air tickets
  • You should not make outbound calls to get clients (inbound marketing only)
  • Must be able to supply reseller agreements.

Why do banks and credit card processors consider my travel or timeshare business high risk?

Many credit card processors do not accept travel and timeshare businesses for four main reasons:

  1. Travel and timeshare companies tend to sell expensive items.  That is, your average product or service usually exceeds $100.00 and, in some cases, reaches thousands of dollars. This is important because large transactions are returned more frequently and the risk to the credit card processor is greater due to the size of those potential chargebacks.
  2. The nature of the goods or services provided by travel or timeshare-related companies is prone to chargebacks.  Clients often have a change of plans, whether it be about their next vacation purchase or their timeshare purchase or resale listing. Compare this, for example, to a restaurant, which rarely suffers chargebacks due to a “change of mind.”
  3. Many companies in this industry accept payment long before providing a service. For example, a vacation package provider might accept payment a full year before the vacation takes place. This business model is inherently vulnerable to higher chargeback rates.
  4. Travel and timeshare companies often rely on third parties to provide services. For example, a travel provider relies on an airline to transport the customer, or a timeshare broker relies on the timeshare owner to fulfill their end of the transaction. In either case, introducing third parties into the transaction creates greater opportunities for customer dissatisfaction and potentially greater exposure to chargebacks. As a result of these four risks, many Merchant Accounts providers refuse to accept travel and timeshare-related business.

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Types of Travel and Timeshare Merchant Accounts

Sami Payments offers a full range of Merchant Accounts for timeshare and vacation agents, and other businesses in the travel and timeshare industries. These include:

  • Retail

  • Mobile

  • Virtual terminal

  • e-Commerce

Retail payments

A timeshare or travel retail Merchant Account allows businesses to accept credit card payments in person through a traditional credit card terminal or point-of-sale system.

Best suited for retail businesses with reliable wired Internet access, retail travel and timeshare Merchant Accounts typically have the lowest chargeback risk and receive the lowest Merchant Account pricing.

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Mobile payments

A mobile timeshare or travel Merchant Account allows businesses to accept payments through a swiper that connects to a mobile phone or iPad.

Ideal for travel providers or other travel or timeshare businesses that make in-person sales outside of a brick-and-mortar store, these Merchant Accounts have a lower chargeback risk and are retail priced.

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Virtual terminal payments

Also called a payment gateway Merchant Account, businesses can accept payments over the phone, by mail, or in writing on a computer (no external equipment).

Our travel and timeshare payment gateway Merchant Accounts integrate with most major software and CRM platforms. Due to the increased risk of fraud, Sami Payments offers chargeback protection integrated with these Merchant Accounts.

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eCommerce Payments

Ecommerce travel and timeshare Merchant Accounts allow your business to accept debit and credit cards through the checkout page of your website.

Our eCommerce credit card processing accounts integrate with most major CMS and shopping carts, making setup simple. However, due to increased fraud and chargeback risks, we offer built-in chargeback protection software.

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